Sharni & Alexander | Allview Escape Blue Mountains


Allview Escape Blue Mountains | Sharni & Alexander

“Aw wow, these are so beautiful! Thanks so much for including us, it was a lot of fun, and these photos are super unique - I love that they show a side of the Blue Mountains that people don’t always imagine!”

On Saturday 1st Feb I went to the Blue Mountains for the weekend. I had three couples shoots across Saturday & Sunday at three very different locations. All of which I’ll be featuring on my blog very shortly.

Sharni & Alex’s couple’s shoot had been planned to go ahead at Anvil Rock, however, there were road closures due to fire so we had to change the location. But to throw another change into it all, come Sunday afternoon around 5:30 PM we were hit with absolutely crazy torrential rain. I remember sitting in the car thinking, I can’t postpone this, these guys have travelled, I’ve travelled, I just need to make this happen.
I drove back towards Blackheath and thought I’d give the crew at Allview Escape a call asking if we’d be able to shoot on-site. I knew it was probably highly unlikely that we’d be able to as they’d had weddings on and guests were still there. However, Adrian from their office answered, I discussed where I was at and we got it done. What a legend!

Allview Escape is definitely a venue I’ve always wanted to photograph and having the opportunity to on Sunday even with the challenging weather conditions was amazing! A HUGE shoutout to the guys at Allview Escape Blackheath - Blue Mountains.

It was a real moody afternoon with super soft light, a mist that rolled through the pines about midway through the shoot and just an epic mix of conditions. After we’d shot on-site for a while we made our way out the front and just across the road, literally meters from the front gate. The bushland there had been completely burnt out, it was a weird feeling of remembering the loss and affects this catastrophic phenomenon had caused the people in the area. And then seeing the unique landscape, colours and regrowth coming back through even only a short time after it all went down. All I can say is the RFS are absolute heroes and their precision and courage blows my mind.

Thank you again Sharni & Alexander for trusting my vision for this shoot and even when the weather took a turn, just running with it and embracing the conditions. You’re such an awesome couple & congrats on the little one on the way!
- Bryce