Kriston & Kathrine | Leura & Lincolns Rock Engagement Session

Kriston & Kathrine’s Leura & Lincolns Rock Engagement Session - Blue Mountains

45- blue mountains wedding photographer leura lincolns rock.jpg

“Thank you for capturing this!”
- Kathrine

On Sunday 9th May 2021, my wife Amy & I hit the road, headed to the Blue Mountains. We planned a night away and took the opportunity to photograph three couples in the Blue Mountains during our stay. Kriston & Kathrine were super keen to have their engagement session in the Blue Mountains; they wanted to capture the autumn colours and the epic landscape of the mountains. So on Sunday afternoon, we met in Leura, a trendy place known for its streets lined with beautiful trees and colour, especially this time of year.

We wandered the streets, capturing the colour and charm of the town, using some of the old building facades and the gorgeous trees. Following this, we made our way to Lincolns Rock, Wentworth Falls. It is a fantastic spot, often swarmed by tourists, because of its lack of guard rails & fencing, making it one of the best spots to catch the sunset.

So as we watched the sunset over the mountains, we captured some beautiful portraits of these two. The golden light pierced through the valley, wrapping the two of them in a flawless golden glow. Such an amazing afternoon! Here are some of the highlights from their engagement session.