Caleb & Emily | Lincolns Rock Blue Mountains Engagement Shoot

Caleb & Emily Engagement Shoot - Lincolns Rock - Blue Mountains


The Blue Mountains has always been a place I’ve loved to travel to. With it’s epic, wide open landscapes, mountains that roll on forever, beautiful waterfalls, trails and amazing unobstructed sunsets, it made sense that when the opportunity arose for me to spend a weekend there photographing 3 couples, I just couldn’t say no.

So here’s the first of the 3 couples shoots, Caleb & Emily. On Saturday 1st February 2020, Andy & I made our way to the Blue Mountains. A few coffees assisted in our travels. When we arrived we went to check out a few spots I’d always wanted to photograph. One of those was what you see below, Lincoln’s Rock, situated in Wentworth Falls.

As the afternoon went on, we had ventured around towards Katoomba, checking out a few other locations. We noticed a giant cloud of smoke in the direction we had come from, towards Lincoln's Rock, Wentworth Falls. We monitored the conditions closely as it grew closer to our shoot time, discussing the safety of the situation with a fire warden we’d met near the shoot location. Once we were given the go ahead, we made our way to the sunset shoot location to meet up with Caleb & Emily.

This is where the following collection of images was made. It was a truly surreal afternoon of crazy cloud formations, very unique colouring, awesome company, adventure and having the opportunity to document this all was pretty insane too!

A Behind The Scenes Look Into Our Blue Mountains Adventure

Video & Production - Filmed by Andy