Camille & Zach | The Orchard Lodge Wedding

Camille & Zach’s The Orchard Lodge Wedding - Upper Hunter Valley

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"Bryce was the first vendor Zach, and I booked 2 weeks after we were engaged. He photographed my sister's wedding the year before, and Zach & I agreed that he must be our photographer whenever we get married. And there was no way in hell we were missing out on booking him after seeing how he worked during the wedding and the photos he produced.

From the get-go, Bryce has been so chilled, helpful, friendly, funny and just is an amazing photographer. Whilst he does get the standard portrait photos to quote "make the grandparents happy" - it's the candids, it's the non-posed, and it's the feeling like you aren't being photographed pictures that are absolutely gorgeous. It's the "oh wow, when did he take that photo?" and it's the let me just get into this awkward, weird position because he can see the shot before he has taken it.

Bryce's work has always been incredible, but we were absolutely floored when we got back our highlights. The effort Bryce put into checking out our venue was incredible! Being a place he had never photographed before, he went out of his way to check out where the best lighting would be. Also, the best spots in the trees for bridal party photos and just to catch up with us before our wedding. It shows how much he loves his work and cares about bringing the best features of the day to life, and actually cares about you as the couple.

And please, please do yourself a favour and get the second shooter option. Just seeing Bryce and Andy from Filmed by Andy work together is magical and extremely funny as they absolutely rip the shit out of one another. We had the best time with them, and they made being photographed very easy and relaxed.

We honestly would be over the moon with just our highlights-they were phenomenal. We cannot wait to see what the rest are like.

From the bottom of our hearts from Zach & I, thank you so much for absolutely everything. You have been fantastic, and we are forever grateful for the images you have captured for us."

- Camille & Zach

Venue: The Orchard Lodge

Celebrant: Lauren Hensby - Hungry Hearts Co.

Florist: Hello Fleur

Live Music: Nick Cunningham

An authentic wedding festival experience, Camille & Zach's upper Hunter Valley wedding at The Orchard Lodge was phenomenal.

It all started with Andy & I hitting the road on Thursday ahead of the wedding, fuelled by coffee, en route to Moonan Flat. A small town situated at the base of the main road into The Barrington Tops pine forest reserve. A stunning, open landscape with a lot of varying scenes & fantastic light!

Arriving mid-afternoon, we checked into our Air BnB in Moonan Flat before heading out to the wedding venue to scout. Upon arrival, seeing the surrounds, the wispy golden grass-filled paddocks, a stream that ran through the property, the orchard, the homestead & the tipis that had started to be constructed, we knew it was going to be one kick-arse wedding. And to top it off, we were immediately handed a beer from Zach & the rest of his groomsmen who were there setting up the property. Having scouted the property and reconfirming the plans we had already discussed for their day, we made our way back to our accommodation to chill out with a glass of red wine by the fire. 

The morning rolled around, we rechecked, recleaned & repacked all of our camera gear ready for the day. A couple of cups of coffee later, the car was packed & we were on our way to create some of our finest work... Andy made his way to the groom prep, which was onsite, closest to the ceremony & reception location in The Orchard Lodge. I started at Bride prep in the Roma Cottage, only a short distance from the Groom prep.

It came time for the bride & bridesmaids to get in their dresses. Once the bridesmaids were ready, we all assembled in the main living area to capture a first look at Bride Camille when she first walked out. The emotion was high; there were tears all around & smiles that shone brightly. After capturing a few portraits with Camille, her mum, sisters & the rest of the bridesmaids, Andy & I made our way down to the ceremony location. Newcastle wedding celebrant & one half of Hungry Hearts Co, Lauren Hensby, was there to officiate the ceremony & ensure good vibes all around.

The moment that sticks with me most was pre-ceremony, with Camille walking 2/3 of the ceremony with her Mum, before walking that last third with her Grandpa. It was truly magical to see the smile on that man's face, the pride & sheer joy. These are the moments that we live for!

The ceremony finished up, they sealed the deal with a kiss before walking back down the aisle & mingling with their guests. A few family photos, friends photos & bridal party drinks break, and we were off for photos around the property. Some of us on foot, others on motorised ESKYs. An absolutely genius idea to ensure fast transfer for some around the property while also being the hydration station for the bridal party. The Orchard Lodge has an abundance of photo opportunities. Starting at the back of the property in the trees to screen off some of the sun, from there, we made our way towards the open field, with a mountains background, a gorgeous spot flooded with golden afternoon sun. Before heading out towards the orchard, a real sweet spot (pun intended). One of the last spots we used was the riverside; the rocky location was a nice contrast to the other places we had used previously. Providing some excellent variety in the images we created. 

As the sun framed the top of the mountain range, Camille, Zach, Andy & I piled into my car to race up the road to a nearby paddock that appeared to go on forever. An amazing minimal landscape, every wedding photographers dream! As the sun set, we made our way back to the reception. Live music & good vibes were provided by Nick Cunningham. An eclectic styling of timber furniture, beautiful floral installations, warm festoon lights all within the tipis, with outdoor dancefloor & mini tipi, was the perfect setting for a memorable reception.

The night rolled on, food & drinks were had, live music continued into the night before kicking in with a DJ set later in the reception. Which kept the dancefloor full for the rest of the night. It was truly one of those weddings that were unlike any other. An amazing day, full of emotion, celebration & a great atmosphere, and focus on Camille & Zach.

Thank you again for having us there to capture your wedding day, Camille & Zach! Andy & I loved every second! So much so that we followed it up the following day with another 14 hour day! 

"This is how we do it!" - Montell Jordan